Fuel types

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How to dry wood quickly with a Prime cookstove.

Prime offer cookstoves whose combustion chambers are optimized to the fuel type that is preferred. This ensures an even higher combustion grade and efficiency. It is possible to purchase an extra combustion chamber and use combustion chambers interchangeably for the cylindrical stove version. This increases flexibility and takes into account seasonal availability of cooking fuels.


Burning chamber optimized for fuels such as chopped wood/woodchip. Biomass briquettes can also be used. Fuelwood should be cut into smaller sticks and densely arranged in the fuel chamber. Woodchip should be poured into the burning chamber before densified by gently shaking the burning chamber. There is no need to arrange the fuel when using biomass briquettes. Dried corncobs or cow dung can also be used. This burning chamber can also be used with small scrap wood to better conserve environmental resources, thus giving an even better carbon footprint.


Burning chamber optimized for granular fuels such wood pellets, coal pellets, palm kernel shells, hazelnut kernel shells and similar biomass. Simply pour the granular fuels into the burning chamber and shake gently to densify the fuels. The ease of use due to lack of fuel preparation and its cleanliness makes this burning chamber ideal for indoors cooking commonly performed in peri-urban and urban areas. Cooking with the use of processed fuels, such as wood pellets, increases stove efficiency and removes additional health damaging fumes.

NB! The fuel chamber for granular fuel (pellets) is intended for granular fuel only. It should not be used with chopped wood as it will not work as intended and will lead to increased consumption and air pollution.

Durian fruit 30 Nutmeg shells 1 Jackfruit tree 30




Wood 1Coconut shells 1






Images by Lanna Hafifah, North Sumatra (click on image for larger version)

Wide range of use

Images above shows the use of Prime Regular Biomass Stove with Fuelwood Burning Chamber and with different fueltypes. Tests conducted by Lanna Hafifah.

  • A burning chamber filled with skin from Durian fruit will give a strong flame for 30 minutes
  • A burning chamber filled with rubber shells will give a strong flame for 30 minutes
  • A burning chamber filled with nutmeg shells will give a strong flame for 1 hour
  • A burning chamber filled with twigs from Jackfruit tree will give a strong flame for 30 minutes
  • 10 pieces of wood (length 20 cm, diameter 3.5 cm) densely arranged in the burning chamber will give a strong flame for 1 hour
  • 10 crushed coconut shells will give a strong flame for 1 hour